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Whether you’re a morning shower or an evening shower person (or a both-and person!), your bathroom is where you prepare to begin your day. It is also where you prepare to lay the weight of the day down.

This is the room that bookends your day. And since we prepare to meet the day and release the day in the bathroom, why not have it be as open, beautiful, and bright as it can be?


Kitchens are the heart of the home. No place in your home cultivates relationships and connectedness like the kitchen does.

From shared cooking or baking projects with family members to friends gathering around snacks and drinks while the final touches are put on dinner, the kitchen is the beating heart of a home. Conversations just seem to flow more easily in kitchens than in any other part of the house.

There’s just something about kitchens . . . So let’s work together to make yours a beautiful one that lends itself to life.


While kitchens and baths play a critical role in our homes they are, of course, not the entirety.

Bedrooms, dining rooms, dens and outdoors spaces all work together — or not — to create a space where we feel at home and where we can be, well, ourselves.

Whether you have been thinking about that outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired pizza oven, contemplating a new deck, or just really itching to swap out that awful ceiling texture and wallpaper for a new coat of paint and fresh trim, we can help with any and all of those exterior or interior renovation ideas.

Let us know what you’ve been thinking through, and let’s move it from thought to renovation!

About Us

At Renovate Construction Services we love to see spaces transformed. We love to take spaces that have become maybe less than lovely and bring them back to a point of beauty and function.

Oftentimes in the process of restoring or renovating an older space, you end up with something more beautiful than if you had just started anew.

We love seeing this reality emerge, and we love being a part of the transformation process.

That is why we do what we do.

We bring over 25 years of experience in all aspects of construction and development to bear in this process. We bring an eye for beauty and function, as well as experience around how to accomplish both. More importantly, we bring hearts that love not just the transformation of a space but that love the life that these spaces hold.

Tim & Lisa of Renovate Construction Services.

Your home is a place to cradle, hold, and invest in the lives that grow, the relationships that emerge, and the family that is created in those spaces. The relationships that will endure and the memories that are formed in the process of forging those relationships are the things that take place in the space we call a home. This is what makes the space matter.

At Renovate Construction Services we understand these things because it has been our lived experience as a family. We would love to help renovate your home while understanding that what we are really doing is helping create a space where life, love, and deep human connection occurs.

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